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Per City Ordinance #192, Rottweiler dogs and Pit Bull Terriers (any breed and/or mixed breed) are strictly prohibited from within the city limits. No person shall keep or maintain at any one location within the City more than a total of 4 dogs or 4 cats or 4 ferrets, and of those, no more than 3 shall be of the same species over six months of age.  For a complete copy of Ordinance #192, click on the Municipal Code tab on the home page


Garbage/Recycling pickup – Thursday morning beginning at 7:00 a.m.

Stanwood contracts with Johnson County Refuse for garbage and recycling. Households are allowed 1 can or bag of garbage up to a 33-gallon capacity.  All extra garbage bags will require 1 tag per bag which can be purchased for $1.50 at City Hall or Petro-Mart.  Red and green recycle bins are provided by Johnson County Refuse and must be left at the residence when you move out.  Garbage cans are the homeowner’s expense.

Telephone/Cable/Internet providers – Cedar Communications, Clarence, (563) 452-3852

          Windstream, (800) 843-9214

Electrical Service -  Alliant Energy,

Water/Sewer – The City of Stanwood provides its residents with water and sewer services.  We bill for services the first day of the month.

Payment must be received within 20 days to avoid late fees and disconnection of services. 

                             Residential Rates within the city limits effective July 1, 2013 


$17.48 for the first 1000 gallons, usage in excess of 1000 gallons is billed at a rate of $3.83 per 1000 gallons.


 $15.08 for the first 1000 gallons, usage in excess of 1000 gallons is billed at a rate of $3.83 per 1000 gallons.

                                 Storm Sewer:         $2.00